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I'm running Quicken Deluxe R39.23 Build and I'm wondering if Quicken offers any tools to evaluate/compare multiple Dividend Income ETFs or Mutual Funds. Ideally, I'd like to be able to enter a list of maybe 10 funds and determine the income for each for a given period like the previous year. It would be nice to have a breakdown of _DivInc, _LT CapGnDst, _ST CapGnDSt for each fund as well.


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    Nope, no such function in Q Deluxe.  But if you click on "Buy Quicken" at the top or bottom of the page, you'll be taken to a product comparison page which shows, under the Investments dropdown, that Premier and Home & Business offer something that might meet your needs.

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    I think the best you can do within Quicken is add the desired securities (ETFs and Mutual Funds both as Type = Mutual Fund), add them to your Watch List and then compare them based on downloaded data.  That should (may) show past year dividends and perhaps some Morningstar rankings, but not a lot more.
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    In Premier, at the bottom of the Investing > Allocations page, there's a "Find Top Funds" button, but it's been broken for a while. Clicking it does nothing as of R40.13.

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    If these are funds that you already hold and are tracking in Quicken, you can do what you are looking for with the Investing > Investment Income report. I think that report is available in Deluxe, but you would have to check.

    You can set the date range and customize to include the securities you want. The report has a row for each type of income and you can customize to determine for example whether you want to include realized gains. If you subtotal by security, there is a column for each security. Of course the income depends on how many shares you hold of each fund, so you would need to take that into consideration when comparing funds.

     One oddity I noticed is that unlike other reports, it appears there is no way to adjust the column widths.
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