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On top of all the many issues with Quicken, Software Updates, and Transaction Updates, and Institution connections over the past 6 months, it appears Quicken will be ceasing business with Bank of America.
I had a technical issue this morning related to the Quicken application and Bank of America website. BoA informed me that there is no longer a business relationship between Quicken and BoA. Electronic transaction updates, as in One Step Updates, have become a thing of the past. [Removed - Speculation] I would hope Quicken and BoA can resolve this issue quickly as I don't wish to go back 30+ years to manually update financial transactions. Please contact me and let me know the status of continuing with electronic transaction updates between BoA and Quicken.


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    Quicken never ceases business with any reputable bank/brokerage/card, why would you believe this?  Although the banks sometimes stop providing connectivity into Q.
    And, NO Q isn't going out of business.  They've recently released multiple updates to the program.  Does that sound like a firm about to close?

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    @Dex123 - Perhaps the person you talked with at BoA was referring to Direct Connect.  Some time ago BoA stopped supporting Direct Connect for new accounts but continues to support new accounts with Express Web Connect.  At that time they grandfathered in ongoing support for Direct Connect for those customers who already had Direct Connect set up for their accounts.

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