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A dividend from General Electric has been downloaded twice, once with a date of 4/22 and then again with a date of 4/25.  The 4/25 date is correct and I had to delete the 4/22 dividend.
A sale of Schwab Value Advantage made on 4/22 for $145,000 has never shown up in the download.  After today's download Quicken notified me that there was a $145,000 difference between Schwab's record of of how much Schwab Value Advantage was in the Account vs. what Quicken was reporting.  I had to enter that sale manually.
Please fix this.

ADDED: Today Quicken told me that the holding of one of the securities in my wife's IRA was "off" from what Schwab reported by .0368 shares.  Turns out that Quicken was correct, the Quicken Account did not match Schwab, and the source of the discrepancy was a March Div/Bought pair of transactions that did not download.

ADDED: On 5/7/22 Quicken threw up another "shares in Quicken don't agree with Schwab" message.  This time the source of the discrepancy was a missing download of the 4/28/22 "Buy" of Comcast shares associated with the 4/27/22 Comcast dividend, which was downloaded.

ADDED: On the evening of 5/9/22 I entered a sale for $200,000 of the Schwab Value Advantage Fund (SWVXX) and the trade was executed 5/10/22.  At around 6PM (Pacific) time on 5/10 I downloaded information from Schwab and the trade was downloaded, appropriately. 
However, Quicken told by that the amount of this fund "reported by Schwab" was -$187,184.83, a number that very obviously was wrong.  I signed into Schwab and on the Positions page - a page that provides the details of each security in the account - I saw the following notation in the "Cash & Money Market" section:
Talking to a Schwab representative she told me that all mutual fund trades are entered manually and that I should wait until the following morning following a trade to expect to see "correct" amounts in this area.  (Mathematically the difference between those two numbers, - and I have no idea where those numbers come from - represent the remaining balance of my SWVXX holdings after the sale.)  Essentially it seems like Schwab is posting intermediate "scratch entries" into the Positions page while it works out internally how the mutual fund trades will be settled among its own accounts.
Quicken might want to soup up it's script here to try and present the correct number of "per Schawb" shares reported.

ADDED:  On 5/16/22 all Schwab Accounts that had received a Schwab Value Advantage Fund reinvested dividend - downloaded as separate DIV and BUY actions - reported Securities Comparison Mismatches, even though Quicken's share numbers were correct. 
Separately, one Securities Comparison Mismatch screen for one of the Accounts did, properly, show a mismatch between Schwab and Quicken.  Further investigation revealed that a 4/2/22 BUY action (reinvestment of a 4/1/22 dividend) for Cisco Systems was not downloaded to Quicken, and that neither a 5/2/22 JP Morgan Chase dividend of  $217.93 nor the 5/3/22 BUY action (dividend reinvestment) for 1.782 shares JP Morgan Chase were downloaded.

ADDED:  A "Margint" transaction dated 5/27/22 downloaded into one of my Schwab Accounts.  The transaction INCREASED cash in the Account instead of DECREASING cash in the Account.  Editing the erroneous transaction showed the dollar amount in the "Amount of interest" box was a negative number, not a positive number.  Seems like some sort of script error to me.

ADDED: a 5/5/22 dividend for reinvestment for $77.51 from VANGUARD SHORT TERM CORP BD ETF IV:was not downloaded.  The following day the dividend reinvestment was downloaded, leaving cash understated by the amount of the missing dividend.

ADDED: While a 6/1/22 reinvestment dividend from Intel was downloaded into one of my wife's IRAs, the subsequent purchase of Intel was not.  This discrepancy was caught after the 6/7/22 OSU noticed it.

ADDED: While a 6/13/22 Buy of Pfizer in one of my wife's IRAs was downloaded the 6/10/22 Pfizer dividend that funded the purchase was not downloaded.  I noticed this when the cash in the Account turned negative with the Buy.

ADDED: A 6/16 Viatris dividend was not downloaded and the corresponding 6/17 Buy of shares using those dividend dollars was also not downloaded.

ADDED: A 7/15 Phillip Morris dividend was not downloaded to my main Schwab Account.

ADDED: Today, 7/26/22, my wife's Roth IRA and inherited IRA received downloads of some of the missing downloads noted above dating back to 4/28/22.  I assume this is the result of some sort of script tweaking on Quicken's part but really, who the heck knows at this point.  I also assume the 90 day window is still in effect such that missing downloads prior to 4/26/22 will never show up. 
In my wife's inherited IRA two transactions listed as "ReinvDiv"  - one for JPMorgan Chase and the other for Viatris - conflicted with all previous transactions for these securities where separate Div and Bought actions were the norm.  I ended up deleting these downloads.
In my wife's Roth IRA one of the New items downloaded was a 7/8/22 buy that was 18 days late in coming.

ADDED: In my wife's ROTH a Comcast dividend on 7/27/22 did not download but the 7/28/22 reinvestment did.  In my wife's inherited IRA a Cisco dividend on 7/27/22 did not download but the 7/28/22 reinvestment did.

ADDED: In my wife's inherited IRA a JP Morgan Chase dividend on 8/1/22 did not download but the 8/2/22 reinvestment did.

ADDED: On 8/16/22 Quicken's compare function recognized the fact that a Buy (dividend reinvestment) on 8/5/22 for a Vanguard short term bond fund had not downloaded though the 8/4/22 dividend had downloaded.

ADDED: A 9/1/22 dividend from Intel did not download but the 9/2/22 reinvestment did download throwing my wife's Roth IRA into a negative cash position.

ADDED: Today (9/7/22) I initiated a download from Schwab account under my user name and password and one transaction downloaded into a Savings Account, declared (correctly) as a "Match."  Only thing is, the transaction was dated 6/29/22 and already existed in the Account as a reconciled transaction.  Then I initiated a download using my wife's user name and password.  In her inherited IRA two transactions downloaded, one dated 7/27/22, the other dated 8/1/22.  These two transactions were noted as "missing" in two of the above posts.  In her Roth IRA 3 transactions downloaded dated 7/27, 8/5 and 9/1, also reported as "missing" in above posts.  IS THIS A RESULT OF QUICKEN INTERVENTION as I pointed to this post just a couple of days ago?
One oddity associated with the transaction of 8/5, the "Bought" leg of a dividend reinvestment: Quicken flagged it as a "Near match."  All the gross number were the same, i.e., number of shares and total dollars involved in the purchase, but Quicken was picking up on the difference between the details of the purchase: Schwab indicates on their site the transaction was 1.1964 shares @ $7.822 while Quicken's calculation was 1.1964 @ $7.80341.  Where in the world did Quicken pick up on a different per share price?

ADDED: In a "first" for my Schwab Bank Account, payments in my register dated 9/1, 9/8, and 9/9 - payments that have cleared the bank - have not been downloaded into Quicken as of the morning of 9/10.  Also a 9/8/22 dividend from Microsoft in one of the Schwab brokerage Accounts was not downloaded until 9/10.

ADDED: A 9/7/22 Buy associated with a 9/6/22 dividend from Pfizer was not downloaded into Quicken in one of my wife's IRAs.  In the same IRA a 9/15/22 dividend from Schwab's money market fund was downloaded but the 9/15/22 Buy of the fund was not.  It wasn't until 9/20/22 that Quicken alerted to the discrepancies.

ADDED: Neither the 9/7/22 dividend from Vanguard Short Term Corporate Bond nor the 9/8/22 reinvestment (buy) was downloaded into my wife's Roth IRA.  Additionally the 9/15/22 Schwab Value Advantage dividend and same day buy (ReinDiv) were not downloaded. Quicken didn't notice the discrepancies and bring up the Securities Mismatch screen until 9/22/22.

ADDED: Errors in 5 Accounts since last post.  I'll stop this now.


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    It is my general observation that the place to submit these kinds of requests are to Quicken Support.
    For a problem posted here to “get fixed” seems to require it to be one that many people are having and as such, then pushed from this side.
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  • Tom Young
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    Oh, I know that.  Just a small reminder that EWC is extremely error prone and a potential danger to your data. 
  • Chris_QPW
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    Yeah, I’m not with Schwab so luckily I don’t have make that call.  Since the beginning of the year I made the call not to have any Express Web Connect accounts since at that point they made it impossible to use the old FDS system.

    I had two accounts that had the possibility to be setup with Express Web Connect, a Macy’s credit card and a Synchrony savings account.  My wife wants the Macy’s card even though it is seldom used.  I just took it completely out of Quicken.  For the Synchrony savings account it mostly just has one interest payment a month so I have a reminder for that, and manually update it.

    And these days I won’t even try to help people with Express Web Connect problems.  It is such a hot mess.  Besides the “help” is just like the old days of telling people to reboot Windows.  You have Reset/deactivate/reactivate with all its problems, and then “see announcement” and contact Quicken support.  You could probably handle those kind of “solutions” with a FAQ or a “bot”.

    The fact that they went to that system for investment accounts which are tons more complicated to than banking accounts, just tells me how the whole financial system that doesn’t really have a proper solution for downloading transactions, is one hot mess.  
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