how do I email you guys for cancelation?

I thought I was getting a trial signed into my old email after clicking the button, then it asked for my credit card (which is typical for trials) then it charged my card. I used to have home and business so I figured I would be able to trial the cheaper option however when it charged my card it never said i was not eligible for a free month (issue number one, in web design always be clear and have a catch that says oops you already have an account, you are not eligible for this free month) which again old account. then I enter my credit card, again, no warning hey you aren't getting a free month, then boom thank you for your purchase. really annoying for a company this large to have a hole in logic that seems pretty common practice. anyway my bank said i cannot dispute until it posts and for some reason there is no support email, and all forms of support are cut off. so I have to resort to what I assume is the forums. so here I am. does anyone have an email for quicken because I know they have one. they just try not to publish it. also I know if i end up having to dispute that quicken will be charged a fee by visa for having the dispute even occur, so I would rather quicken just refund the money.


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