Deposits in registers now occur after payments

Until the latest version of Quicken, deposit transactions (credits) were listed BEFORE payment trnasactions (debits) for the same date. This is now just the opposite in Quicken and is very frustrating for keeping the register in sync with my local financial institution.


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    In that account click the GEAR icon that's above the right slider bar, then click "Sorting Options" and make your selection
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  • mfeastman
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    My register is sorted by date.
  • Sherlock
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    mfeastman said:
    My register is sorted by date.
    Please provide the version of Quicken being used: select Help > About Quicken

    If you haven't already, I suggest you click on the Date column title.  You want the small triangle to right of Date to point up.
  • mfeastman
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    The problem cleared on its own. I had to step away from my computer for a about six hours after I posted this issue. When I returned my register was back to "normal". The Quicken version is R40.21, Build The register was sorted by date with the triangle pointing up. I suspect that I had done something in Quicken that affected the register in question that was taking a long time and just needed to catch up. I had modified some register layouts for some other accounts, and maybe that caused this glitch? I had also just sorted the register in question by Payee name and some other fields and maybe Quicken just took longer than expected to re-sort by date when I requested that?
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