POOR Performance

rraisley Member ✭✭
I am so sick of supposed new features and enhancements, which I never need or use, and once again ruining the basic operation of the program. I have Version 40.13, build R40.13 running on Windows 10 64 bit. A normal 1-step update, that used to take well under a minute, is now almost 5 minutes. Updating a SINGLE investment account, which used to take maybe 10 seconds, is now over a minute. All the while, the background screen flashing, and blanking and flashing. It seems like this has gone on for years: having a nice, quick reliable version of the program, then an update and everything "normal" falls apart. It'll probably be fixed, some time (every time I update it says a new version of the program is available, and every time I click View Update, it says I already have the Latest version.

It's done this whole slow down thing dozens of times over the years, and I usually just grin and bear it (when I've contacted support asking how to go back to the previous version, I've been told that's impossible). I'd still be using the last CD version of the program, as it did everything I wanted much quicker, if I weren't required to update each year to have banking and such work.

I've been using Quicken for over 20 years, and this is by far the worst performing version of any.


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