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I am concerned with the latest update and also wondering why my quicken is not even telling me there is an update. When I check it says it is up to date but on quicken.com it is not. I am using Quicken home business and rental R39.23 Build Also says Windows 10 Enterprise but I am using Windows 10 Pro. Not sure if that matters.
When I do the one step update, there is not a message. I was have issues so started looking for answers on Quicken.com. That's when I noticed the updates. So I decided to manually download. When it gets to the pop up screen showing what version you have and the version it is installing, it says I currently have R1. So now I'm concerned that something else isn't correct. Please tell me if it is OK to install this latest update I just download R40.21. And also, why is quicken not indicating it is out of date.


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    R40.21 is now in a "staged release" which means it is available to download if you want it, but it is only being pushed to a limited number of users via one step update messages and Help > Check for updates.

    There are several places where Quicken posts information about new releases. These are not always consistent or up to date. See this Announcement for what is usually authoratative information

    I don't know of any serious problems with R40.21, so it should be safe to install, especially if you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned in the Release Notes.

    Be sure to back up your data file before updating, just in case ...
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