My prices for stocks at end of month are wrong for Fidelity. I have a way to update the right numbe

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My prices for stocks at end of month are wrong for Fidelity. I have a way to update the right numbers BUT I have to keep Quicken from entering it's wrong one. I have read some stuff, but it does hot seem to work for ME (or maybe I do not understand.) Is there a way to prevent Quicken from ever updating stock prices automatically?? If not is there a easy way to delete (NOT 0) each existing entrys easily using the Investing Portfolio (or similar) date as the starting point?


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    If you haven't already, you may want to review:
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    Note that in the link Sherlock provided there is a section about the Hierarchy of price entries.  That info indicates that your manual entries should not be overridden by downloaded prices from other sources.  I can't swear that is an absolute in all cases, but it is the way it is supposed to be.  Can you document a regular pattern of different behavior?
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    The real question is why Fidelity prices are wrong! I have been grappling with this for years.
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    Not really an answer to mine but I am thinking the reason is that Fidelity record the new prices sometime after close 4 Eastern and the new data stay on their source until the next day...but the actual date passed to us users is the date of our download i.e tomorrow unless you do this download silliness before midnight BUT after they update their file(s).
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    I download quotes from Fidelity after 4pm Eastern time ... and get the correct pricing.
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    Thanks for your response. Did not help me, because I seldom can download the same day, but it did confirm that this IS possibly the problem, but no help for my solution
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