Windows Canada R40.xx Release


The latest Quicken Windows Canada release R40.23 is now being made available in staged release format to a limited group of users and will slowly roll out to all customers.

What’s New:

  • A new dashboard is available with snapshots including Top Spending Categories, Top Payees, Uncategorized Transactions, Recent Transactions, Investment Top Movers, Portfolio Value, Net Worth, Income & Expense, and Bills, Income, & Transfer. This dashboard will be the default for new customers.
  • Added a Don't update memo when downloading option for customers who do not want their memos overwritten. The option is available under Account Details → Online Services.
  • For investment customers, the graph on the Security Detail View now optionally includes indicators for when the number of shares of the security increased or decreased.

What’s Improved:

  • Copy and Backup File support has been updated to prevent connection problems.
  • Copy command in Quicken will now create a copy that has all the online services disconnected. This is useful when creating an archive file you don’t intend to update in the future via download, or when you’d like to use the new file as a “template” or starting point for a new, separate Quicken file.
  • If you only want to create a copy of your file for troubleshooting purposes or to experiment with a new feature, you can also make a copy, then reconnect any accounts you need, and proceed to use the copy.
  • If you want to make a complete Backup of your file to possibly restore in the future, use the Backup option instead. A backup will not have connected services disabled when you open the backup via the Restore Backup
  • Please review this help document if you have questions.
  • Updated the Customize Action Bar interface to allow users to apply changes globally as well as to an individual account.
  • The process for saving reports now provides more information, and reports can now be locked so that future changes to the report will not be saved.
  • When adding a new security, putting that security on the Watch List is now optional.
  • The Account List, Memorized Payee List, and Tags are now searchable.
  • For securities tracked with Simple Investing, the Security Detail View will display the Gain/Loss value as the change in market values as of the date shown.
  • For the Portfolio Value & Cost Basis, and Net Worth reports, there is now a ‘Day’ option for the interval.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut ALT+O to use for Done in the Reconcile Summary
  • Multiple improvements to our investment tool including:
  • Buttons and links in Simple Investing display that allow you to update a securities Share Price and Cash Value.
  • Buy/Sell indicators on the Price History/Market value graph now include reinvestments, display improvements, and an increased limit to the number of changes tracked.
  • You can now choose to hide or show a few specific columns in the investment register.
  • You can now resize the columns in the Account Balances, Net Worth, Current Spending vs. Average Spending by Category, and Current Spending vs. Average Spending by Payee reports.
  • Simple Investing option now always shows in Add Account screen for investment accounts.
  • All scrollbars are now modernized.
  • You can now sync non-image attachments to the cloud.
  • Security transactions from the same day now appear in alphabetical order.
  • Refined look and feel of offline/manual add account process.
  • Improved checking for deleted data sets when handling data maintained on two computers.
  • The instructions for downloading a web connect file are now more prominent and comprehensive. You can import past transactions through your web connect file while adding connected accounts.
  • Restructured the Help menu to make it easier to navigate using submenus.
  • Various performance improvements.


What’s Fixed:

  • An issue in which changes to the Quicken ID or Email Address did not properly appear in the Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts.
  • An issue in which Quicken would sometimes crash after running for multiple days.
  • An issue in which synchronization after several months of inactivity caused the Paycheck Reminder total to become zero.
  • Automatic downloading was alerting customers to new transactions when there were no new transactions.
  • An issue in which Year-End Archive was disconnecting the accounts for the current file instead of the archived file.
  • An issue in which displaying the Quicken calculator prevented the use of Quicken’s search features.
  • An issue in which the Merge Category option did not display when you right-clicked on an unused category.
  • Issue syncing hidden, separated, and deleted account changes with Quicken on the Web and Quicken Resolved other sync issues including some text visibility issues.
  • An issue in which changing the type of certain investment transactions could result in duplicate transactions.
  • Issues synchronizing with Quicken on the Web when the last account has been deleted.
  • An issue with screen refreshing during reconciliation when marking transactions cleared.
  • Removed the "0" in the Shares column of the Security Detail View when displaying transactions such as Div, that do not need a “0”.
  • The Stack View on the Bills or Bills, Income & Transfers tab did not show the next immediate upcoming instance as the default.
  • The Portfolio View showed closed lots amounts when an account was added to the view and the option to show closed lots was not selected.
  • Custom Portfolio Views did not save column width changes.
  • The option to unmatch auto-accepted transactions did not appear for downloaded transactions.
  • An issue with Compare to List not showing transactions until Quicken is restarted.
  • An issue changing the posting date for downloaded transactions.
  • An issue with decimal rounding in opening account balances.
  • An issue applying filter settings when using Print Projected Balances.
  • An issue in which a crash sometimes occurred when accessing the investment accounts tab.
  • An issue in which the customization screen for saved reports containing investment transactions incorrectly displayed the Memo contains field.
  • Issues with the remove password feature for data files.
  • In some cases, the "You have tasks to complete" message was appearing for closed and hidden accounts.
  • An issue maintaining column width changes on the Investment Account Overview (Holdings) screen.
  • An issue in which the Create a copy or template option under the File menu failed in some instances.
  • An issue with crashes when selecting Profit and Loss under the Business menu when using a foreign currency account.

Thank you!

-Quicken Anja
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  • Quicken Anja
    Quicken Anja Moderator mod
    UPDATE 5/6/22

    We have released a hotfix for R40.23; version R40.28 has been released to a limited number of users.

    What's fixed:
    • An issue in which incorrect errors and messages appeared when downloading transactions.

    You can also download and install this version via the Canada Mondo Patch found in this support article.

    Thank you!

    -Quicken Anja
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