User ID for new account is limited to 20 characters

rlangl77 Member ✭✭
I am trying to set up a new account with CFG Investments - Cetera (Now Adviceworks). My user id is my email. However, quicken is limiting my user id/email to 20 characters. Therefore, I am not able to type in my entire email address.


  • Quicken Janean
    Quicken Janean Moderator admin
    Hi @rlangl77,

    I am sorry for the trouble caused and thank you for reaching out to Community. 

    I recommend that you contact Quicken Support so our support agents can look into this further. If need be, they may reach out to a Tier 2 agent for assistance if they see fit. You can contact Quicken Support at this link here> Thanks! 

    Quicken Janean

    Quicken Janean

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