Downgrade from Quicken Deluxe to Quicken Starter

Can I use deluxe backup if I switch to Quicken starter


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    (EDIT:  Corrections are shown below in italics.)
    The software for the various editions (Starter, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business) is the exact same software for each of them.  What you are subscribed to determines which functions/features are turned on or off.
    So, yes, your backup file(s) made with Deluxe will work with Starter.  Note that the features of Deluxe that are not included in Starter, such as investments, will be visible in a Deluxe backup file restored in Starter but they will be read only.  You can restore the add/edit functionality to those Deluxe features, again, later if upgrade to Deluxe, Premier or Home & Business.
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    Correction, the investment accounts ARE visible, you just can't do anything with them except look.
    If you try to add an investment transaction, you get the following:

    That info is incorrect since you only need Deluxe, but none the less, you can see investment accounts in Starter, just can't work with them.

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    Thanks for the catch @splasher .  I don't generally post things about Quicken's capabilities unless I have personally experienced them or read about them.  I do not, nor have I ever had, Starter edition so I could not test out that lost functionality and for some reason I had thought that I'd read somewhere that the turned off functionality/features would be totally turned off and not visible.  I learned something new and have corrected my earlier post.
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    dave pk said: Can I use deluxe backup if I switch to Quicken starter
    And along with everything else - IF you ever drop your Starter "subscription" -
    your Quicken data file becomes Read/Only and can't be modified, edited, or added to.... 
    This is NOT true for Deluxe & above
    Lastly - any "expired" subscriptions get plastered with a Renew Banner across their Quicken screen...

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