Lock in Date/Account for a report on a category

Now the report always reverts back to Account/Date and I do not know why I cannot lock in Date/Account. I have asked Quicken support and they do not have a solution


  • NotACPA
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    After you've created the report that you want, click  the DISK (Save Report) icon the tool bar of the report window.

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  • John@42
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    I tried that before and it will not lock the date/account in like it used to in old versions. JOHN
  • Jim_Harman
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    edited May 2022
    What release of Quicken are you running? US or Canada?

    What report are you running? If you are using a report you have previously saved, try starting with one of the built-in reports. When you change the sort order and save the report, be sure to set the folder for the saved report correctly. A recent change is that Quicken defaults to the "My Saved Reports" rather than the folder the original report was in.

    Also is this a "pop-up" report, i.e. one that is displayed when you double click on a number in another report?

    I tried an experiment with the Itemized Categories report in release R40.21 and I did not see this problem.

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