Income and Expense in subcategories

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Can you make a category that is neither all income nor all expenses? Similar to how to default, required, category of "investments" is set up as neither an expense or income but has both in the subcategories.


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    I don't use QMac, but the  answer is NO.  A Sub-cat  of an Income Cat is always Income.  A sub-cat  of an expense is always an Expense.

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    In Quicken Mac, "Investments" shows as a main category which has mostly income sub-categories with a few expense sub-categories (like Interest Expense, Margin Interest Expense, Accrued Interest) which are basically like contra-revenue accounts in accounting terms. But contra accounts don't exist in Quicken's categories, so I agree with @NotACPA. There's no way in Quicken to specify the order of categories on an income statement, so a main category has to be either or expense in order to have its place on income/expense reports. 

    @Finch It would help if you could give a couple examples where you'd want a main category which is neither income nor expense, and sub-categories which are both. Keep in mind there's nothing in Quicken which prevents you from having an expense sub-category which captures income, or visa versa. 
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