Problem adding both a common & preferred to Securities List

I currently have both a JPMorgan Chase common and a preferred stock. I have added the common stock (JPM) with no problem. The preferred is listed as JPMPRD with my broker. It appears that Quicken uses a different format (JPM-D).

I tried to add this symbol (JPM-D) to my Securities List. The process seemed to complete, however the symbol is nowhere to be found.

Could it be that Quicken will not allow me to add both a common and a preferred for the same security to the list?


  • John-G
    John-G Member
    As a footnote: I left it as JPMPRD as this was the only way to include the trade and position.

    It looks like it really doesnt matter since Quicken doesnt seem to get prices for my 3 preferred stocks any way. The other two are: WFCPRQ (WFC-Q) and COFPRI (COF-I).

    I've seen other comments here on preferred stocks. It seems support for these as relates to pricing is hit and miss.
  • Jim_Harman
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    Quicken can download share prices from its quote service and also from your Financial Institution (FI). The quote service uses the ticker symbol to identify the security and the FI uses the CUSIP ID to match its security data to the security in Quicken.

    So I would recommend that you set the security's symbol to match the quote service's symbol, i.e. JPM-D. If you already have a security with the symbol JPMPRD that is downloading correctly from the FI, you can change its symbol to JPM-D and the quotes should also download.
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  • Tom Young
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    As far as your Wells Fargo issue, it appears that the problem is that Quicken is using the exact same name for both the common and preferred stock.  I got both stocks onto the Security List by adding "preferred" to JPM-D.  I also added WFCPRQ (WFC-Q) and COFPRI (COF-I) to the security list and did download historical prices for both.  On the Security List do  both of these stocks have the Download Quotes boxes checked?

  • q_lurker
    q_lurker SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Tom Young
    is right.  Quicken frequently attempts to create the second security with the same name as the first one created.  When it makes that attempt, it then recognizes the first and concludes the user did not intend to create a new distinct security. 

    The workaround is to edit the name of the first created security as Tom says with perhaps Common or Preferred in the name.  Or some users choose to prepend the ticker symbol at the front of the security name.  Then when you create the second security by specifying the ticker, Quicken will create that with a now unique name -- which you will probably similarly choose to edit to make it clear which one it really is.