Why won't Quicken checkwriting allow me to enter payee address?

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I use Desktop Quicken for Windows, and most of my bills are paid via Direct Connect (online bill pay). When I want to print a check and mail it, the facsimile check image appears with checkmark already in the "Use Online Billpay" box. I uncheck it and type in all my data, but it will not allow me to type in an address. The payee name is not the same as any online payee so that's not the conflict. When I wasn't able to type it in or use "edit address," I went to Address Book and created the payee. Still can't enter an address when preparing the check.


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    What version, edition level (Starter, Deluxe, etc.) and release (R xx.xx) of Quicken are you using?
    US, Canadian or other country version?
    Is your subscription expired or still active?
    Click Help / About Quicken to get this information.
    Trying this myself (using release R 40.21), I can't get the "Use Online Billpay" checkbox to show in the Write Checks dialog in my primary checking account, even though the account is enabled for Quick Pay and Check Pay.  Haven't used the account for Quick Pay / Check Pay though.
    Hunting around I found a new setting in Edit / Preferences / Write Checks, "Show Check Pay option in Print Checks (early access)". Turning this setting on or off did not seem to make a difference.
    I can easily write and print checks from this account, whether ad hoc or driven by scheduled reminders.
    Color me puzzled.
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    I am using Premiere R40.21, build, Windows 10 Home version. Subscription is up to date.
    I tried changing the preference as you mention above but it made no difference.
    When I open a blank check, it defaults to "Use online bill pay." I uncheck the box, enter Payee name and when I go to another field it automatically selects "online" again. I can remove the checkmark but not enter address. If I click "edit address" it defaults to "online bill pay" address template.
    I experimented with writing a check from an account that is not set up for Online Bill Pay but have the same issue, with exception that it does not include "Use Online Bill Pay" box on the original blank check...but does use the same template if I want to "edit" the address.
    I know I previously was able to type addresses, so it seems that function has been corrupted or modified sometime along the way. Very frustrating. I do not want to handwrite addresses for my checks.
    When you write checks, are you able to include addresses?
    Thank you for your response. Now to figure out how to get Quicken Support involved ... that screen is nonfunctioning.
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    ... Now to figure out how to get Quicken Support involved ... that screen is nonfunctioning.
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