Mountain America Credit Union is not connecting (Q Mac)

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For the last two days, I have not been able to download from Mountain America Credit Union. I only get the error that Quicken cannot connect to this account. I have tried resetting the connection and switching from direct connect to quicken connect but neither work. I am using Quicken for Mac 6.7.0. I have multiple accounts with Mountain America and each of them have the same error (cannot connect).


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    Hi @bshopay,

    I am very sorry for the connection issues you are having and thank you for reaching out to Community. 

    Can you check the error message you receiving? I found this support article that offers troubleshooting steps for the type of issue you seem to be having. Can you please try and make sure all the accounts are connected using the same connection method and see if this resolves the issue? If it does not, please let me know so I can further look into this for you. Thanks! 

    Quicken Janean
  • bshopay
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    The support article helped! Thank you
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