when I changed credit cards I mistakenly downloaded to a new account rather than the old

Can I somehow combine the new credit card transaction with the old credit card transactions?


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    You sure can.:
    • Back up your data file.
    • In the new account:  Delete the Opening Balance transaction.
    • In the new account or in the old account:  Delete any transactions that are duplicates of what is shown in the other account.
    • In the new account:  Left click on the 1st transaction > scroll down to the last transaction and while holding down the Shift key left click on it (this will shade all the transactions in the register) > right click anywhere on the shaded transactions > click on Move Transaction(s) > select the old account from the drop down > OK.
    • All transactions will now be moved from the new account to the old account.  If there are any transfer transactions, they will be updated accordingly.
    • Check your new account to make sure there are no transactions remaining there.  If there are, move them to the new account.
    • Check the old account to make sure it is in balance.  If it is not you will need to troubleshoot it to find out what is causing the imbalance or simply enter a balancing transaction.
    • Now you can close or delete the new account.
    • You will now need to do Add Account to set up downloads, again, for the old account.  This time make sure to Link the download to it instead of letting Quicken add it as a new account.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    The simplest way to do this is to use a "Move Transactions" command:
    • Before you do anything, please do a backup.
    • Run a banking transaction report on both new and old accounts for the time period of the transactions to be moved.
    • Change ALL of the transactions in the new credit card account to "uncleared", if they aren't already.  You can do this easily by highlighting the transactions, right click, and choose "Reconcile Status", then choose "uncleared".  You can highlight multiple lines by either holding down the CTRL key and clicking each item.  If you have a lot of items to click, highlight the first one, scroll down to the last item, hold down your Shift key, then click the last item.  That should highlight everything in-between.  The CLR column in the new account s/b blank for all transactions.
    • Highlight ALL items you wish to move from the new account to the old.  Right click the selection and choose "Move Transactions".
    • After the move command completes, double check the entries in the new and old accounts.  The new account should be empty, and all of the new transactions should be in the old account.  Verify all transactions with the reports you created.
    • Manually put the moved transactions back to Reconciled (R) in the old account by using the Reconcile Status.
    • Delete the new account by going into Account Details and choosing "Delete Account".
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    @greenhorn7 - Please note that I have as part of the process to remove the "R" from all transactions because if there are any reconciled items to be moved, the move process will stop on each transaction and ask if it's ok to move.  Sometimes if you inadvertently say "No", the transaction won't move, or I have seen in some cases, move, but then leave a copy in the "from" account.
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