how to identify unprocessed checks

Cannot easily balance checking account without knowing what checks have not been negotiated/cashed.


  • I think the easiest way is to go to the "register icon" in the upper right in the "Balance" column and click on it.  In the dropdown list click on "Downloaded Posting Date".  This will add another column to your register that will show when your checks posted.  If the posted date is blank, that means the check is unprocessed or has not cleared.  After you are done you can then re-hide that column.
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    I don't understand why this is even an issue. If you download transactions, cleared checks automatically get a "c" in the Clr column, and uncleared checks remain blank in that column.
    But for quick lookup, I created a report to display all uncleared transactions to date in my spending accounts and pinned that report to my toolbar. This is about as easy as anything in Quicken, since the "Advanced" tab of the Transaction Report allows you to select only uncleared transactions.
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    Another approach is to change the sort order in the register, selecting "by cleared."  That will sort all prior transactions, first by reconciled, then cleared, then uncleared.  You'll still have the blue line in the register separating "today" from "future transactions", so it's perfectly clear what checks have been issued but have not been processed by the bank.
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    How did the check(s) in question get entered into the register?
    As in, are you entering them in the register as you write them, or using one of the Bill Pay features to do it?

    The whole point of the Clr field is to tell if the transaction is uncleared or cleared or reconciled.
    When it is first entered into the register the Clr field should be empty.  Once a transaction is downloaded and matched to that transaction Quicken sets the Clr field to c (cleared), because Quicken is supposed only get cleared transactions in a download.  And of course when you reconcile, it will change it to R for reconciled.

    If one doesn't pre-enter the transaction they it goes from not existing in the Quicken register to cleared when it is downloaded.

    In any given reconcile the uncleared status looks like this:

    Notice that the cleared (the one with the green check mark) is included in the "Cleared Balance" of the reconcile whereas even though the uncleared one is shown it isn't included in the "Cleared Balance".
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