transactions downloading as TXFR

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for some time now some transactions dowload a a transfer but they are not--at least now as I understand the term. e.g. I download an autodebit from my insurance company. it shows as a TXFR in the "check#" space. seems like ti should show as an EFT. the transfer requires an addl manual adjustment before I can use memorized transaction. ideas on how to get around this? TY very much.


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    @Jimj - Go to Tools-> Preferences -> Data Entry and Quickfill and check to see if you have the "Complete fields using previous entries" marked.  Try unmarking that option and enter the transaction again.  If the TXFR doesn't show up then that means you have a similar transaction in the register with the same payee, or category that has a TXFR in that field. 
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    By any chance is USAA the financial institution for your account?
    This is my website:
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    USAA-yes, the download I asked about is from USAA. Many thanks for the ideas you all presented. will post back if I can get it working correctly.
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