I want to upgrade subscription, but agent caused confusion.

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I have Deluxe and want to use bill-pay and check pay. It is my understanding that I have to have the Premier version for this, so I enter a chat with an agent and asked about upgrading, the cost, and how it affects my current Deluxe subscription.

The agent first told me that my version supports the Billpay. Then said after questioning them, said yes with a monthly charge. I said I want to upgrade to Premier so to use this feature and save money over a monthly charge.

After asking a few questions about upgrading, the agent told me that if I upgrade now to Premier, I have to pay now, but Premier won't go into effect until the end of my current Deluxe subscription ends in Nov. (6 months! What?). But if I cancel Deluxe now, and resubscribe to Premier, I will not receive ANY credit for my current Deluxe that has 6 months left on it.

Is this really how upgrading subscriptions with Quicken works? I simply can't believe upgrading can be so convoluted, money wasting, and isn't more streamlined and financially fair as to promote upgrading instead of deterring it. Thanks for any help.


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