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There was a brief exchange about this topic a couple of years ago and the answer was "not available on Mac".

Has there been any change on this?  It's a real pain to manually update multiple share prices from a private 401k each week, and a multi-share price import function would be HUGELY helpful!


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    I don't believe there's been any change; Quicken Mac can import security prices for a single security at a time, but not a file containing prices for multiple securities. 

    There is an existing Idea thread for this issue, which you may want to visit. Add your vote, if you have not previously voted for it (the little arrow in the yellow box under the first post will be light gray if you've voted for it previously, or dark gray -- and able to be clicked -- if you haven't.) Also add your post; new posts brings threads to the top of the menu, which helps attract more people and more votes.

    I'd note that that idea thread has garnered only 18 votes (12 in the counter plus 6 merged from other threads) over the past three years. Votes aren't the only factor in what the developers select to work on, and Ideas which have a low number of votes are indeed sometimes tackled by the developers (either because they see the idea as an important need to fill or because it ties in with other programming they're doing in a related area of the program). But ideas with higher vote totals have a greater chance of being put before the developer team for consideration, and/or being given a higher priority as they constantly try to prioritize what to work on among hundreds of worthwhile ideas. 
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