US Bank Requiring TWO Pass Codes During One Step Update

A few months ago US Bank starting requiring a code to be sent to my phone during One Step Update. It asks TWICE each time I try to download. I have multiple credit card and investment accounts, and no other account requires this. I called US Bank and they claim it is for my security because Quicken is "changing servers," which triggers the two-step verification. What can I do about this other than changing banks?


  • GeoffG
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    I suppose every bank has different requirements/procedures, but that does seem quite excessive. For comparison, my BoA CC account will ask for 2FA when I do a restore and Q resyncs my credentials. This is once and done, not during any subsequent OSU. This is acceptable. If this is US Bank's policy, you have many other options.
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    How are you connecting to USB?  I'm their customer also, and I GLADLY pay the $3.95/month for  "PFM Direct Connect" as their implementation  of EWC is flaky, at best.   And, I get ZERO "codes".
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  • US Bank has been doing this for a while now.  Before 2FA, during OSU, you would need to answer at least 2 different security questions.
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