Order of Investment Transactions?

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In a recent version upgrade, I noticed "Security transactions from the same day now appear in alphabetical order." as an improvement.
It appears they are alphabetical by "Action" which is a really dumb way to sort. Why did they change it to that. Previously all new transactions for a day were alphabetized by Security (which makes the most sense)?


  • bmciance
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    I guess someone thought it was a good idea.

    It has been proposed that it be put back to the original order:

    Restore previous investment register sort order — Quicken

    The good news is the change is "planned" so we should hopefully see it put back sometime soon.
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    See this "Idea" post to revert that change. 

    Quicken has indicated that 'correction' is planned but there is not schedule for it (not a surprise there).  Exactly how it will be corrected is unknown - we can only hope.  As noted (I think) in those comments, that sort-by-action was in an earlier release also and was quickly removed. 

    As to Why they even attempted that sort-by-action approach, no one seems to have any idea and Quicken is not saying. 

    Actually, I believe the prior approach was sort by order entered within the day.  That seems to be preference of most users who have commented.     
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