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I have a mortgage loan with Homepoint. When I set it up for some reason Quicken could not get me hooked up online. Therefore I did it manually. Now that Homepoint has changed their website, how can I change this manual account to enter the website information without deleting it and re entering all the historical information?


  • Sherlock
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    If you really want to degrade the functionality by using an online mortgage account instead of a offline mortgage account, I suggest you add the new online mortgage account.  You then may then either close the offline account, set the balance of the offline account to zero and hide the offline account, or reset the principle entries in the loan's payment transactions so that they no longer reference the offline account and delete the offline account.

    Note: Before making any significant changes to your Quicken file, always save a backup: press Ctrl + B
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    Concur with Sherlock.  The reduced information and increased likelihood that the download will fail from time to time just isn't worth it.  Besides, you only get downloaded information once a month, but Q has to check every time you do a One Step Update, so all but one OSU is wasting time.
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