Chase E-bills and QuickPay in July

So Quicken Mac is giving me a message (started June 8) that Chase e-bills and quickpay will stop working in July while Chase makes some backend changes.  Two questions.  First, will Quicken still allow me to track my Chase credit card during this downtime?  That is, will only e-bills and Quickpay be effected (but not my ability to track the credit card balance/transactions).  Second, are we looking at weeks, months or TBD here?  Thank you.


  • Quicken Kathryn
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    Hi @GIWalt,
    This change will only impact Chase e-bills and QuickPay.  You'll continue to track your Chase accounts in the same way.  The change is in the way that Chase is sending these eBills to our service provider (preventing our provider from processing the eBills and presenting them in Quicken).  We've been working on a fix, but we don't have an exact TBD.  I can say that it shouldn't be months!

    Hope that helps--

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  • fran.menzel.biedinger
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    So to be sure I understand this, I will still be able to use Quickpay to pay most bills from my Chase checking account, just not my Chase credit card bills. I am a windows user, and although struggling, I have almost always succeeded in using Quickpay for these bills, perhaps because I don't wait for Quicken to present the bills, just tell it how much to pay and when (the when part is important, since Quicken usually suggests some date in the distant future). I also understand from the previous post that this shutdown will be temporary, as Quicken developers work on a fix. Please confirm my understanding. Thank you
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    Any update on when the Chase e-bill issues will start and how long they will last?
  • GIWalt
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    Any update here?
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    Looking for an update too. Now I understand why every time I tried to make a Quick Pay for my chase credit card it would say that the payment date had to be before June 30th yet it was well past that when I did this. LOL.
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    Looks like there is a full explanation here with the bad news:
  • GIWalt
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    I think this is all very confusing and Quicken Support should provide some clarity.  Is this permanent or temporary?  Previously they said it was temporary.
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    GIWalt said:
    I think this is all very confusing and Quicken Support should provide some clarity.  Is this permanent or temporary?  Previously they said it was temporary.
    Chase is dropping Direct Connect and going to Express Web Connect + at the end of September.
    See this comment:
    And I can't find it at the moment, but @Quicken Kathryn also mentioned in one post that the target date for all of this to be done is the end of September.

    By definition, to have bill pay through Quicken directly to the financial institution's bill pay you have to have Direct Connect.  So, that is definitely going away, permanently.

    That then brings up the question of whether the Quicken Bill Pay system will work for various bills when using Chase accounts.  I wouldn't touch that system with 100-foot pole because of how unreliable it is, but it is what Quicken Inc is pushing.  And that is where the "temporary" probably comes in as in them trying to get that system to properly work with Chase accounts.
    This is my website:
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    i read it could take up to 60 days or so to get straightened out, so really just have to wait.
  • jtkqboston
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    Any updates here? When can we expect to be able to pay our Chase credit card bills using Quicken's QuickPay?
  • despan
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    As far as I can determine - given the lack of transparency about why Quick pay does not work with Chase credit cards - Am I to assume that quick pay will never work for Chase cards in the future? If so, I am inclined to cancel my Chase cards and go with a bank that will work with Quicken to enable that recently new Quicken feature. I suggest those with similar thoughts may want to contact Chase Credit card services and request they "Work with Chase" to reinstate that feature in Quicken. My searches find that Chase and Quicken do not like each other much and do not work well together.
    I am looking at other credit card options. Chase is not any better than most others and as far as I know are the only credit card company that does not allow Quick pay via Quicken.
  • Pumphouse
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    I migrated to the new connection method at Chase and after a few glitches with "pending" transactions on my Visa card, everything is working well for me. Windows 10 and latest Quicken.
  • Johnlisa
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    As of October 4th, still unable to connect Chase e-bill with my Quicken. I run through the reconnect via Chase login, however it's an endless loop trying to link them. I guess end of September does not mean early October.