Short positions in account positions reported as positive instead of negative

hooplane_01 Member
edited July 2022 in Investing (Mac)
Short potions in account positions are being reported as positive instead of negative numbers resulting in total balance errors !


  • Quicken Jasmine
    Quicken Jasmine Moderator mod
    Hello @hooplane_01,

    Thank you for contacting the Quicken Community, though I do apologize that you are experiencing this issue. 

    Before I can further assist you, I require some more information. What version of Quicken are you running? You can see this by navigating to Quicken > About Quicken. What financial institution are you experiencing this error with? What is the Connection Method with this financial institution? You can see the connection method by navigating to Settings > Downloads > Connection Type. When did you begin noticing this error? What occurs when performing an update all function? Do you receive any error codes or messages? 

    Looking forward to hearing your response!

    -Quicken Jasmine

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