Manual Reconciled Checking Balance not correctly calculated by Quicken

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I have been using Windows Quicken since 2005. I enter my checking information manually and use auto-update for all credit cards and other accounts. My data goes back to 2005. In the past few months, the balance of the checking account is no longer correct. The balance on the left is correct but if I look at the checking view of all my entries, the entries are correct but the balance is very off. I went back and see that back to 2005 after a deposit, the balance was not calculated correctly and am sure this is happening throughout the data. How do I resolve this? This is how Quicken is calculating my entries.


  • Tom Young
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    One possibility for your problem is that some filter is applied that affects what transactions are being displayed in the register.  Up at the top of the register have you tried clicking on the "Reset" button?
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    Thanks Tom - I am in the view for Checking, not the register option, I don't see a reset for that.
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    kim-qkn said:
    Thanks Tom - I am in the view for Checking, not the register option, I don't see a reset for that.
    Hello @kim-qkn

    I am sorry to hear about this confusion with views, and these calculation issues. Thank you for seeking assistance with regards to these problems here on the Quicken Community.

    Are you willing or able to provide a screenshot of what you are seeing in your Quicken window, with personal information redacted? Having this may help us troubleshoot this problem further. In order to submit a screenshot, you can use the steps provided in this link. Note that you can also drag and drop an image into your comment before it has been posted.

    I hope that is helpful, and I look forward to hearing more from you about this matter.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared 
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