Printing Reconciliation Reports (using Q Win 2010)

Tina Barber
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I am using Quicken 2010 (yes, that old). I use it at work to maintain investment accounts and cash accounts for multiple estate and trust clients. Today, after reconciling two cash accounts, the Reconciliation button is grayed out in Banking Reports. Someone please help! I need to print the reconciliations either hard copy or as a .pdf. I no longer have the option. I've shut down Quicken, created a new version of the file, and restarted my computer. Nothing will bring back the reconciliation report. I'm stuck!!!


  • Tom Young
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    Make sure one or the other of the "two cash accounts" is selected as the active Account, i.e., you can see its register on your screen.  That should allow you to print the reconciliation report.
  • Sherlock
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    If you haven't already, open an account register you have reconciled and attempt to select the Reconciliation report again.
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