Using Quicken On The Web - sharing between 2 computers ?

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I've got Quicken on one of my laptops (location A). I've also got Quicken on another laptop (location B.) If location A has the local file, how can I best use Quicken at location B? How can they by synced?


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    Q on the web is NOT a backup copy of your Q data file.  It contains only a subset of  what's in the desktop data file.
    BUT, you can backup to the web via various means and then restore to the other machine.
    OR,  as I did when traveling  constantly on business,  I backed up to a  USB drive and then took that with me to restore at the remote site.  This method is simpler, and more reliable, that a web backup PLUS it gets you a backup copy on  the USB/Flash drive.
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    quickbrowne said: how can I best use Quicken at location B? How can they by synced?
    Two different scenarios -
    If you just want B to access some of the data - you can use either the Quicken Mobile App - or browser Quicken on the Web -
    There is NO way to sync between different computers..... you have to manually come up with a scheme that works for you with somehow copying the QDF file from A, sending it to B, and opening it on the B computer - and then sending it back -

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