Can Chase Bank provide Check numbers in Direct Connect

I can's get Chase Bank to provide Check numbers when using Direct Connect Bill payments. Anyone have a solution??


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    Are these your checks ... or Chase's checks?  I doubt that any bank provides the number of their BillPay checks.
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    Bank of America provides sequence numbers for their direct connect bill payments. I imagine your bank either provides them or it doesn't. You'd have to ask Chase.
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  • Wells Fargo also provides check numbers for their bill payments through Quicken.  I think there are plusses and minuses to this.  When I used WF Bill Pay through MS Money, they started the check numbers at #5000, but my real check numbers were also in that range, so it caused some confusion when I sometimes couldn't match up check number and payee.  Interestingly, after not using Bill Pay for many years, I started using WF Bill Pay through Quicken, and the check numbers started up right where they left off when I stopped Bill Pay through MS Money.  I thought that was pretty amazing.   
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    I asked about Chase Bank Only. I know Wells Fargo and BOA and PNC provide check numbers, but I can't see if Chase does.
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    I use Chase/Direct Connect and for such "real checks" it does download the check numbers.
    But I don't use bill pay through Quicken or Chase so I can't tell you about if those download.
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    @marvpollock my apologies, I digressed, but there is one other place you might be able to see a "check" or ref #.  Click on the "register" icon to the right of the balance column.  At the bottom of the list you will see some additional columns you can add to your register.  There are some items that may contain a "Reference number" that you can use as a check number.  These items are normally used for verification and troubleshooting, but you can use them as a "regular" column, or transfer the information to your "Check #" column.

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    marvpollock said: I can't get Chase Bank to provide Check numbers when using Direct Connect Bill payments.
    We need some details & clarification on exactly what you mean ?
    1 - do you mean Quicken Bill Payment Manager using your Chase checking acct ?
    2 - do you mean Quicken Bill payment using the direct link to Chase and their own bill payment feature on their own website ?
    3 - do you mean your own paper checks sent out to payee ?
    4 - do you mean - just missing the Check # column in your Quicken Register ???

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