Quicken screen covers up by password request

I had Quicken 2016. It may have been updated. I was running Quicken 2016 and loved it. Posted and printed things. No online anything. Suddenly on June 10 quicken wanted a password. I never had a password, and the password screen covers my Quicken screen. I have been unable to move the password request. I can not view the Quicken screen to see what the problem is. I was told that there was a subscription message.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Windows 10 - Quicken ??


  • [Deleted User]
    @riibe it sounds like you are being asked for your Quicken ID and Password, which is different than a Quicken data file password.  The Quicken ID and Password is required and is what you used to register for Quicken before you used it for the first time.  
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    Do you have a recent backup to restore?  Have it make a copy (not overwrite) during the restore.

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