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About 2 weeks ago, we upgraded from 2014 deluxe to the subscription based model. Apparently during conversion of the files, we lost information which led to one of our accounts being overdrawn. All of the transactions that were put in the day before we upgraded were lost. I'm wondering if this is a known issue. When I called phone support, they told me that this wasn't a problem and no one else has ever had this issue (which I don't believe). At this point, we have manually re-entered all of the information, but I am trying to prevent this from happening in the future. Is there a way I can determine what caused the loss of information?


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    When you did the upgrade, could the backup from the previous day have been the data file that was converted rather than the latest data file?

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  • I did backups the day of. Those were the ones we converted from, so unless the information was missing on the current files as well, then there shouldn't have been an issue with that.
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     Is there a way I can determine what caused the loss of information?
    Probably not definitively. As to the support comment, I’d say this has happened in some fashion to others but it is not common and no known cause. 
    When I would make such an upgrade, I’d try to print an account balances report before the upgrade (all accounts including closed, hidden, separate, etc.) to then check against the after upgrade state. 
    These days, the program does make its own backup immediately beforehand. You might be able to sleuth around with that backup to get a better handle on what might have happened. 
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    Have you tried validating your data file in Quicken 2014 before opening it in Quicken Subscription?
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