Schwab mixing accounts after update

toddf95 Member
Ever since I had to change how Charles Schwab connects to Quicken, it has confused two accounts that end in the same last three digits. Therefore, I have several transactions that belong in a different account.
How do I get it to map to the correct account with more than just looking at the last three digits? And how do I get all these downloaded transactions over to the correct account?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    This problem has been noted by many users.  At some point, in response to my posting this issue in the SuperUser's Lounge, a mod collected all these posts into one thread and asked users to submit information to Quicken Support.  I can't seem to find an official Quicken announcement about this problem but I did find a post where a user found a fix to the problem:

    Hi: I had the same 3-digit issue messing up Schwab downloads. Problem was fixed by deleting all instances of Charles Schwab and Schwab account numbers from any account in your Quicken database before trying to set up the download and matching Schwab accounts to existing Quicken registers. The trick is to check the account list, including hidden, old, and any no longer active accounts and make sure no mention of Schwab appears anywhere first. I did this thorough cleaning and the download setup ran perfectly and has continued to do so since I got this working again in mid-December. Good luck. 
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