Credit Card transaction download and duplicates TWO Questions

Questions 1
I have just started using the automatic download of transactions from my Citi Credit Card.
I also manual key in my slips. I had hoped that Quicken would recognize that I already entered an identical amount and date and not import the transaction or flag it. How can I prevent duplicates?

Question 2
Where can I find explanations of the blue dots and pencils and the brown ones. What part of the manual should I read. What are these things called?

Thank you.

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    #1 In general Quicken should match the manually entered transactions with the downloaded ones provided that the manually entered one is in the register before downloading and the date is on or before the downloaded posting date.  But the most important part is that the amounts have to be exactly the same.

    Note manually match requires you to make sure the amount of the manually entered one is the same as the downloaded one, and the click on the orange pencil of the manually entered transaction and selecting Match to a downloaded transaction.

    #2 F1, scroll up to the search box and type in Status column icons
    This is my website:
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    Ok thank you. So when I click the orange pencil it will try to download from the bank?
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    If you haven't already, you may want to review:

    Regarding the icons, I suggest you hover the cursor over the icon and a description should appear.  Note: When you select the icon, a pop-up menu should appear.