Trying to reconcile and for the first time, it is showing some transactions from prior years. Why?

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I have tried to delete them but then it shows a different balance on my working cash.


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    The Reconcile tool in Quicken will take into account any transactions that do not already have "R" in the Clr column of the account register.  Do those old transactions that are showing up have a "C" in the Clr column or nothing in the Clr column?  If so, edit those transactions to change the Clr status to "R" and then they should no longer show up in your Reconcile process.
    If you have a lot of old transactions that need to be changed to "R" status, you can select multiple transactions in a range by left clicking on the 1st transaction you want changed and then scrolling down to the last transaction you want changed and while holding down the shift key left click on it.  All the transactions you want changed should now be shaded.  Right click anywhere on the shaded transactions > left click on "Reconcile" > select "Reconcilce" > Yes.
    Suggestion:  Before doing this, back up your data file.  If you don't like the results or it doesn't resolve the issue for you then you will be able to quickly restore the backup file with no harm done.

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    My first guest here is that some earlier transactions that used to have an R in the Clr column somehow got changed to "c."  Is that the case?  The reconciliation screen then would want to include the transactions to see if they've shown up on your statement.
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