Bill Manager Holiday & Weekend Processing

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Does quicken bill manager process bills on holidays (ie July 4th, Christmas, New Years, etc) and weekends?  

If they aren't processed on holidays, what days surrounding the holiday are considered part of the holiday?

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  -- Howard


  • Sherlock
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    I suspect Bill Manager does not stop processing on holidays or weekends.  However, I would not say the same for the other participants: online billers, financial institutions, and the US postal service.
  • Chris_QPW
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    That is an interesting question.  I don't use Quicken Bill Manager so I can't check/test anything but given how it works I suspect you are going to get some "interesting interactions".

    The way Quicken Bill Manager works is with a third-party service that logs into the biller's website and submits that bill payment.  Given that it is actually the biller's website that is submitting the bill payment, then it seems to me, that this question is dependent on how each individual biller website works.
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