"Spending by Category" Reports Wont Expand

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Reference: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7895184/reports-wont-expand

I believe the "Spending by Category" used to let you expand down to the register entry. There were +/- boxes in this report that let you expand to whatever level of detail was useful. Seems like this went away a couple of years ago? I have used Quicken for many years so I am not sure the exact timeframe. I have been able to use previously saved reports and, as the reference discussion says, you can use "Itemized Categories".


  • Jim_Harman
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    In the Spending by Category report, you can double click on an amount to see a subreport with the transactions
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    The Spending by Category report still allows us to collapse and expand the included categories and to drill down to their transactions with a double left-click or an Enter on the selected category.  
  • @mike2amy - the report seems to still have the +/-.  I don't use this report but it seems like it still has the capabilities you describe.

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