Is there a Quicken plan for MAC that I can generate information for Schedule C for small business? T

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Is there a Quicken plan for MAC that I can generate information for Schedule C for small business? T


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    Hello @rcarlson1, unfortunately, we do not have a business version of Quicken on Mac, only windows. However, you may get a similar report by doing a cash flow report. I apologize for this inconvenience, and I hope this answers your question. 
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    Adding to Jade's comment above, it would help to know what, specifically, you want to track and report in Quicken. While there is not a "Home and Business" version for Quicken Mac, you absolutely can track business expenses, and generate Schedule C data, in Quicken Mac. 

    You can certainly use separate accounts and/or use separate categories and/or use separate tags to track business income and expenses separate from personal income and expenses. If your business record-keeping is extensive, I'd suggest doing your business accounting in one Quicken file and your personal accounting in a separate file. (I used to do this when my wife was in business for herself; it was far easier than mixing with our personal finances.) If you have a small business with low transaction count or just a few categories, though, you certainly can track it in your personal file. 

    If you open Window > Categories, scroll down to Business Expenses and you will see that there are about 18 default categories already in place, all checked as "Tax-related" and tied to Schedule C. You can use those and/or create your own categories, and you can assign any you create to Schedule C and the proper tax line in Schedule C.

    There is no separate Schedule C report in Quicken Max, but the Tax Schedule report will show a section listing everything for Schedule C. And you can create custom reports to show business expenses, or income and expenses. And/or a custom version of the Tax Schedule report limited to showing only the Schedule C items. 

    So I would say that for many people who have Schedule C income and expenses, Quicken Mac is suited to handle those needs. 
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