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Quicken seems to have slammed the door on the proposal to enable Fiscal Year for the Mac version. It appears in the Windows version. So what's the big problem with the product managers? Are the two teams (Mac and Windows) in tall siloes and can't share resources?


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    You are barking up the wrong tree.

    Almost 100% guarantee the reason that Quicken Mac doesn't have fiscal year features is because it is way down on the priority list in comparison to be features that most Quicken Mac users want.  There is just so much they can do in any time period based on the resources they have.

    The truth probably is that that there are really tall siloes between the two groups, and not much is shared, but that wouldn't be the reason why Quicken Mac doesn't have this feature.  Note that none of the code can be shared, so the only thing that they would be sharing is knowledge of how something can be done and trying to implement things so that the "backend server processes" that affect things like Mobile/Web/Bill pay and such work the same.

    It is highly unlikely that the Quicken Mac developers need anything from the Quicken Windows developers on how to implement a fiscal calendar.  That isn't exactly that tricky.
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    @wmduncan Could you expand a bit on what it is you want to do in Quicken Mac which would require a fiscal year? The reason I ask is that while Quicken Mac has no concept of fiscal years, you can start a budget in any month, and you can do reports (including two-year comparison reports) based on whatever date ranges comprise a fiscal year. (That is, you could do a report comparing 7/1/21 thru 6/30/22 to 7/1/20 thru 6/30/21 if you had a fiscal year which ended June 30.)

    I've just done a search of the Idea posts for Quicken Mac, and I don't even see one requesting the creation of fiscal years, so I don't think the developers have "slammed the door on the proposal" because I can't find such a proposal. You can certainly create one if you want. It would just help to have examples of what you would want to be able to do that you can't do currently.
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    @jacobs that is an interesting observation.  Not being a person on a fiscal year, I switched Quicken Windows' and looked around at that it affects.

    On reports YTD starts on the fiscal year, so the meaning of "year" changes slightly.
    On the budget it only changes the starting month when creating a new budget.
    Didn't see it affecting anything else.  I notice that it didn't affect the Tax Planner, which seems wrong.

    So, this in fact it seems like Quicken Mac can in fact do these same things, it just takes more "setup" to do it.
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