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Hi All! I brought up this topic back in Dec 2020 but it is still not addressed even with improvements made to reports and investments.

I try to produce reports on brokerage accounts grouped by Security mainly so I can track dividends/interest/gains/losses by security. All reports except one result in "no matched transactions" when selecting brokerage accounts and setting the report to group Row:payee. Note that the reports produce the correct data when grouped by Row:account.

The only report that works as one would expect is the Crosstab by Payee. In this report I select brokerage accounts, and set the report Type:summary, Row:category, Column:payee and it produces the data as one would expect.

Is there a reason why only this one report and none of the others work?

This is my old post from Dec 2020:



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    @Ploooplooo  I don't think anyone except a programmer on the development team can answer why it works the way it currently does. Securities are not Payees and visa versa; to make them work interchangeably in reports, they'd need to program it to do that, and they haven't. Why it works in one cross-tab report is a mystery. 
    You could report this again as a bug via Report a Problem, enclosing a screenshot of the cross-tab report with columns=payee where it works and a row=payee report where it doesn't. But you won't get any feedback whether this is a bug they haven't addressed yet, or isn't a bug in their opinion. They might not consider it a bug if the reports engine was never designed to work with securities as payees; to the developers, "working as designed" means something isn't a bug, even though its behavior might seem illogical to us. 

    I'm continually hoping that robust investment reports will be coming to Quicken Mac shortly, but until then…
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    @jacobs Thanks for this. It is puzzling why this would work for cross-tab and not transaction reports. I will do as you suggest and submit a bug report with screenshots.

    Agree that a separate group of reports specifically for investments would be a big improvement over what is currently just a cashflow reporting tool.
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