How to get Quicken to download ALL transactions?

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Hello! I just connected a new Charles Schwab checking account to Quicken. So far so good! But it downloaded only the past three month of transactions. I need the transactions going back two years. How to do a make this happen? Thanks!


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    It's your Financial Institution (Schwab) that determines how far back  a  download, initiated by Quicken, can go  ... but  90 days is  pretty standard.
    See if there's an ability  to download  on the Schwab site, and review this:

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    The amount of history Quicken downloads is determined by each financial institution. The most common amount of time is the past 90 days. Quicken can't download more if that's all the financial institution is offering for download.

    In some cases, financial institutions also provide a way to download a file of transactions to your computer, which you can then import into Quicken. If they have a QFX or Quicken download format, then try that; this often allows a longer time interval for transactions. 
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    Yes... that makes sense. Thanks so much!
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