How do I get an activation code for Quicken 2011 in Australia.

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I live in Australia and have recently reinstalled Quicken 2011 on a new computer. I am being asked for a new activation code but Quicken is not connecting via internet. Is there a support phone number in Australia or alternately Can I contact Quicken for an activation code via email?

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  • splasher
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    Wrong Quicken.  Australian Quicken is produced by Accounting, Business & Bookkeeping Software | Reckon AU
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  • NotACPA
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    I don't know about Q in Oz,  but US and CDN 2011 Q lost support in 2014.
    But,  what product are you  actually  running, Q  US? or Reckon,  it's OZ  counterpart.
    And, if  US,  look  around for Q US 2013 on  the net.
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  • AnnetteE
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    Thank you Splasher. I phoned Reckon Au and was provided with a code to get the program going.
    Thank you NotACPA for your contribution.
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