Unable to open old file after changing Quicken ID

Hi I've just changed my Quicken ID to a different email address. I'm able to log on to Quicken.com with new ID with no issue. But when I open Quicken and try to enter my new ID and password, it keeps saying my credential is incorrect. I've used forget password link to change the password successfully. Still when opening my Quicken it won't access my new ID and PW. Please help!


  • splasher
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    You need to go to Edit->Preferences->Quicken Id and click on "log on as different user" so that the desktop software is aware of the Id change.
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  • Sam@Toronto
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    Hi splasher, I can't get pass the prompt for ID and password. Unable to get to the regular screen that let me go to Preferences.
  • Sam@Toronto
    Sam@Toronto Member
    Hooray! Problem solved. I used the Chat support line and was advised my account was locked. Following the advice the support person provided, after waiting overnight, it is now working. I'm now able to access my file using my new Quicken ID
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    @Sam@Toronto  Are you actually running Q Canada?  If so, you or I can ask a Mod to move this thread to the QCan forum.
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