R42.19 (HF1) (July, 2022)

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Anyone know why I am being presented with a new new version above which seems like an earlier sequence to my installed version of R42.8.  I would appreciate some reassurance before I try to download.  R42.19 was already previously installed but with different set of fixes.
(Category options for this question would not let me select "Product Releases and Announcement" option for some reason and what this is concerning.)
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    If you have not already done so you you might want to review the Announcement at https://community.quicken.com/discussion/comment/20283986#Comment_20283986.
    Specific to your question:  R42.19 is a later version than R42.8.  Quicken should have named R42.8 as R42.08, instead, so it would be more obvious as to what they meant.  This is not the first time Quicken has not followed renaming rules that most other companies follow (using 0-fills in the version numbers) as can be seen in this list of previous QW versions...most recent version is at the top and oldest version is at the bottom.  (Note:  You will not find R42.19 on this list quite yet because it was just released is a staged release.  It will show up on this list within a few days.)

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    yeah … I have hated and commented to Admins how the lack of a full 2-digit suffix makes it hard to quickly keep track of releases.  …
     ie - we don’t do years like 1909 as  4/1/9  - but month & day are ok  - 4/1/09
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    I couldn't agree more with the naming convention.  They should always use two digits as in R42.08
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    Interesting complaint, but I hate to tell you that this is the industry standard.  You won't find any applications that have leading zeros (Actually did find one).

    This isn't a "decimal number".  It is two (or more) separate numbers.  They had to separated them with something, and a period was chosen (a LONG time ago).

    There isn't anything that says that that second number is only two digits, so what would you really pad to?

    And in fact, the actual Quicken version number is:

    Interesting enough out of all the things installed on my machine I did find one that padded the number:

    And just in case it isn't obvious to tell what is a newer version, you look at the first number and then work your way down.

    For instance, with Quicken:
    27 for "subscription", 26 would be an older version, in fact it is Quicken 2017.  they used to increment this "major number" every year.

    After that you look at the second number, in this case 1. If you had one version with it would still be older than

    And then you just work your way down on each number.
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  • Here is another one with padded numbers.  Ironically, I think it is the vendor that Quicken uses for their help files.

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    So, is will Quicken continue to number these with 42.19 being new (higher) than 42.8 ?
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    Quicken should change method
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    TTSguy said:
    So, is will Quicken continue to number these with 42.19 being new (higher) than 42.8 ?
    That's something only the Quicken team can answer but I think, given the history, it is very safe to assume nothing will change and they will continue to number them the same way as they always have...just like this.  There is nothing wrong with that (after all, 19 is a higher number than is 8) but it is less intuitive than having 2-digits there.

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