Quicken conversion with Chase

Quicken has been saying for weeks that a new bill paying process will be starting with Chase Bank. I recently updated my software, and now I cannot pay my Bills through Chase. I am told that a conversion process will be coming in the next 60 days, but how do I pay my bills until that starts! Kind of in a panic situation here as the end of the month is on us NOW!


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    Have you read these two announcements?

    I would unlink the bills from Online Bill Pay by the bank and then, on the bank's website set up payment for each of them. The unlinked bills in Quicken each have a scheduled reminder. Record each of these reminders in parallel to setting them up at the bank.
    Alternatively, on each of the billers websites, enable bill payment thru their Autopay, APS, Direct Debit service so that the biller can post an electronic debit to your checking or credit card account on the due date, for this month's bill and optionally all future payments. (I have been using this payment method with many of my recurring bills for decades with no problems whatsoever)
    And if all else fails: Do you remember where your personal checkbook is? Write and mail a check from your personal checkbook with about 10 days lead time for mailing and processing.
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