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I tell Charles Schwab to reinvest my Dividends by purchasing shares of the issuing stock.

On some stocks they download two transactions:
1 - One transaction for the dividend (+) – This transactions Action type is “Div”
2 - One transaction for the purchase of the stock – This transactions Action type is “Buy”

On other stocks they download only one transaction.
1 – This transactions Action type is “ReinDiv”
2 – This type of Action combines the Div & Buy and nets zero

My problem is that when I want to print a report of Dividends, Quicken does not pick up
the positive (Div) part of the “ReinDiv” transaction. It picks up both sides and nets zero. This is of course the same result I get when “ReinDiv” Action is not selected.

Any Schwab people solve this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Thank you both. I found what I was doing wrong, Fat Fingers!


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    Do you have accounts with other brokers that work correctly?

    To see all the Dividend transactions including reinvestments, I would go to Reports > Investing > Investment Transactions

    Set the date range you want and click on the gear to customize the report. On the Categories tab, check the Show hidden Categories box and then Clear All. Scroll down to select _DivInc and _DivIncTaxFree if you also want the tax free dividends.

    Look in the Amount Invested column of the report (not the Cash column) to see the total dividends.

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    What "report?"  If I run an Investing > Investment Income report I see the correct dividend amount listed on the _DivInc line.  If I "click through" to see the detail I get an Investment Transactions report with the Div and ReinvDiv actions selected.  The "Cash + Invest" column total ties to the Investment Income line item _DivInc.
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    Thank you both. I found what I was doing wrong, Fat Fingers!
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