JPMorgan Chase Transactions Not Updating after R42.21 Auto-Installed

Dex123 Member ✭✭
JPMorgan Chase Banking (checking & savings) accounts and Chase Credit Card account now fail to update transactions when running One-Step Updates. Problem started after Quicken auto-updated to R42.21 on 8/4/2022 from R42.19 auto-installed 7/27/2022. I didn't use Quicken between 7/27/2022 and 8/4/2022. Spent 1-1/2 hours with a Quicken Tech resetting all 4 accounts deactivating and reactivating the accounts plus an additional 3 hours before and after working with the tech. Transactions still not downloading. What is going on at Quicken and JPMorgan? I sense another software and process meltdown like the Quicken-Schwab disaster on the horizon! In additions, there are numerous other issues after each Quicken software update. The JPMorgan Technical Team is not interested in helping their clients with Quicken as they said Quicken is responsible for all changes and support. Chase appears to be somewhat hostile about Quicken and the users of Quicken.


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