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On the right side of the Quicken Community there is a link for "Bookmarks". For my "Bookmarks" I have 3 listed. However, when I click on the link no Bookmarks are showing. Is there a way to remove the 3 number for "Bookmarks" when in fact none exist when you click on it?


  • Tom Young
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    Oddly enough, certain users are seeing the number "3" in the red ball that shows up on the "Notifications" bell even if there's no new items that need your attention,  the same number of non-existent "Bookmarks" you're seeing.   Some "Vanilla" (the outfit behind this forum) quirk?
    You might try clearing your browser's cache to see if that clears things up, but that's just a guess.
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    I had a "1" on mine for the last month until I hit on a strange fix for it.  I'm normally on my computer and what was happening is that I would click on the bell icon and select Mark All Read and the 1 would go away, but reappear as soon as I went to another page.

    But just now I logged in with my phone and the "1" was there (which means it isn't a web browser/cache kind of problem).  But when I did the Mark All Read, it cleared the "1".  And not just for the phone.  When I refreshed my web page on my computer the "1" was gone there too!

    Note on the phone it is harder to find the bell icon.  Click on your account/profile icon in the upper right and the bell icon will be at the top the "card" that comes up.

    It might work to try this clearing from another computer, but I can't test that now.
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