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Is there a way to see the YTD return on the Investment performance report ? The Average Annual return is not meaningful.


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    if you ask for the date range of the entire year (1/1 -12/31) the IPR average annual return value will reflect a non-annualized YTD value. That is, it will compute as if there is no change from now to the end of year. 
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    From what I understand, the average annual return gives a % that you will get yearly if you continue to get this return. When i compute myself the YTD is return today it is far from this value.
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    The report is not good at all for this. But at least I found that I can find this value by using the investing view, filtering on what I want and displaying ROI % YTD. This is good but I can't save many investing view like I can with reports.
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    Wow ! I finally found on a discussion this and that's good for me:

    "If you set the date range for the Investing Performance report to Annual and Current Year, it will do the IRR calculation assuming that the selected securities are unchanged for the rest of the year."
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    The post referenced by the quoted text:

    Which says essentially the same thing @q_lurker posted a few comments back in this current discussion. 

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