How to add ticker symbol GLE.PA - from the Paris stock exchange

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I need to add a particular ticker symbol to my security list, GLE.PA. It is perfectly valid on Yahoo Finance but Quicken does not recognize it. How to I get this in the hands of the Quicken product folks without wasting hours on the phone?


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    That seems to be a security on the Paris exchange.  Quicken (US version) can only get prices from US exchanges.  Generally for foreign securities it will work for ADRs (which are on the US exchanges) but not for foreign stocks themselves.
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    Yahoo Finance indicates that GLE.PA belongs to a foreign company, Société Générale Société anonyme, and trades at a Stock Exchange in Paris, France in Euro currency.
    Unless somebody from Quicken or another experienced Quicken user tells us otherwise, I suspect you will be able to add GLE.PA to your investment account as a manual security only, without quotes download capability. AFAIK, Foreign stock exchanges (perhaps with one or two exceptions) are not supported in Quicken.
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    Agreed, that seems to be the case. It is a foreign stock, traded in Euros. My wife works for the company in the US, which is why we own shares and want to track it in Quicken.
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    To track your holdings of a stock traded in Euros, you must do the following if you have not already: 
    1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Calendar and Currency and enable Multicurrency support
    2. Go to Tools > Security List and click on Add Security. At the bottom of the next screen, click on Click here to add the security manually. Set the currency to Euros
    3. Go to Tools > Add account and add an offline investing account, also denominated in Euros, to hold the security.
    4. Buy the security you have added.
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    Note, in particular, @Jim_Harman's 3rd point.  You cannot, in Q, hold this Euro security in any account that also holds USD securities.  It MUST be in a Euro account (with other Euro securities, if there are any).
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    Do you actually hold shares in GLE.PA, traded in Euros at a French stock exchange?
    Or do you hold shares in SCGLY, traded in US$ at the OTC?
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